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Vegetable Salsa

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“I don’t make excuses anymore. Because this is about me.”
“One of the biggest parts of the program is the positive support—constantly.”
“This program is three-fold and all three areas are equally important. You can’t lose weight without exercise. You can’t be healthy and not eat well. And you can’t do any of it without taking care of yourself emotionally.”
“In A New Me, I learned to give myself permission to spend time on myself; I had always felt guilty doing that!”
“I learned how to make my whole person healthy, not just one aspect of my health. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, even those that don’t think they need it.”
“Now I take the time to care for me and I’m so much happier and have so much more energy. The changes have helped our whole family.”
“The A New Me program facilitated my ability to examine what was really preventing me from being healthy.”
“The enthusiasm and expertise of the leaders was infectious. I did not want the class to end.”